Start building error-free local business listings and get the ball rolling.

With Listing Builder, you can build correct business listings, which helps attract leads, stay top-of-mind, and boost cash flow.

Drive your digital revenue growth for no extra cost.

local business listings

Listing Builder

Listing Sync – Sync to popular listing sources – Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

My Listing – A business listing that is optimized for local searches

Access to Google My Business Insights

Find out how your chiropractic business is doing on Google Search and Maps.

Google Insights in Listing Builder offers you a glimpse of your activity, including:

How patients find your listing

Where patients find you on Google

What patients do once they find you listing

local business listings

Listing Distribution

Listing Distribution simplifies the process of keeping your listings up to date with a single dashboard.

Three hundred listing sites use the data aggregators to correct your business listings.

Improve the chances of patients finding your business in local search.

Produce hundreds of online citations.

Fix incorrect business info at the root of the problem.

local business listings

Listing Sync Pro

Improve your chances of getting found online.

Drive patients to your chiropractic office by making sure listing data is error-free.

Quickly change your hours and contact info whenever there’s a change to your business’ details.

Protect your listings against unwanted changes by third parties.

Manage your business listings across one dashboard:

Listing Sync Pro pushes data to the most important listing sources across the web and mobile apps.

LinkedIn Recommendation

“If you are a Chiropractor, look no further for your digital marketing needs. Bonnie is extremely good at what she does and will amplify your brand online to reach your ideal customers.”

Reshan K Jayamanne
I help Luxury Accommodation Brands increase revenue (direct bookings) with strategic sales and marketing.

“Bonnie has tirelessly dedicated her time and effort in building her digital chiropractic agency. She is thoughtful, persistent, meticulous, and totally committed to helping chiropractors grow their practice. I highly recommend her to chiropractors who are looking to leverage video to grow their patient-base and increase sales through her digital plumbing package. ”

David J. Brown
I help local businesses drive more awareness and sales with digital marketing solutions.

“Bonnie is one of the most dedicated people I know in providing value through content and her marketing agency. If you are a Chiropractor and want to grow your business, I highly recommend you to get in touch with Bonnie.”

Mano Guiragossian
I Help You Scale Through FB Ads & Content | Host of The Perspective Podcast | Team GaryVee Arabic

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